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Ebikes for Business

How ebikes can benefit your business:

Please contact us to discuss your individual business needs. Our experienced team are on hand to help tailor a solution for you. Some examples of ebike fleets for business:

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Ebikes for Deliveries

Electric bicycles are perfect for city deliveries. Cutting delivery times by avoiding busy traffic, you can achieve more deliveries in less time. Offering a clean and environmentally friendly delivery option that your customers will like. Ideal for food and parcel deliveries. Save costs on conventional vehicle registration fees, insurance payments, and fuel purchases by choosing an ebike fleet. Your delivery drivers will be healthier, happier and more efficient.

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Company Pool Ebikes

In a fast-moving world, E-Bikes give you the freedom to keep up the pace. Whether it be for daily commuting, client visits or navigating around a campus, join the ranks of innovative companies such as Google and Facebook by providing your employees and clients with an environmentally friendly and practical way to get around. Meanwhile, you would be promoting a fun, healthy form of active transport which will be a great perk to anyone who uses them!

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Ebike Fleets for Tourism

Gain another revenue stream by offering rental ebikes to your customers. Whether you’re a hotel chain, a boutique hotel / AirBNB, or you simply already have a cycle rental business - ebikes offer you an exciting income opportunity that your customers will love.

Cycling is known to be one the best ways to explore a location, and ebikes offer your customers the most fun and enjoyable way to explore your local area. No more hills, lots of thrills, the most fantastic way to explore without getting too hot and bothered.

You can provide electric bike tours and self-guided tours where visitors can check out local areas of interest, restaurants, coffee shops, wineries, etc. Perfect for hotels looking to offer that additional hook to encourage new customers or return visits.

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Ebike Maintenance & Servicing Options

We have a number of maintenance and servicing options available for your ebike fleet. Dependent on your anticipated usage we are able to provide a servicing model which will ensure the best lifespan for you fleet.

We manage servicing for some of the largest ebike fleets in the UK, ranging from very heavy usage full-time courier riding to seasonal usage fleets and government ebike loan schemes. We have a solution to fit any requirement small or big, and we are always excited to discuss your requirements with you.

E-bike storage solutions

Sold Secure - E-Bike Lockers with optional charging facilities.

Key Benefits of an ebike fleet:

  • Cut GHG emissions
  • Reduce Travel Costs
  • Reduce Local Area Traffic Congestion
  • Cut Air Pollution
  • Improve Employee Health and Fitness
  • Encourage active transport
  • Promote sustainable transport
  • Increase business revenues
  • Provide a fun and healthy alternative transport mode for clients, employees and guests


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