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The Best Electric Bikes are Now Made in Milton Keynes!

For Volt’s London-based founding brothers, James and Lyle Metcalfe, it has been a long-term aspiration to on-shore and centralise the firms’ manufacturing process entirely to the UK. With an exit from the EU looming, and over ten years at the forefront of e-bike production, Volt’s new manufacturing base positions the brand for accelerated growth and reinforces its commitment to British manufacturing and high-quality production.

In Spring 2020 Volt moved into a new, purpose-built factory in Milton Keynes realising an expansion project years in the making. The move represents a significant investment by Volt in UK manufacturing, and centralises our production within a new facility that combines innovative automation with exceptional hand-craftsmanship.

Volt factory

Leading the E-Bike Revolution from Milton Keynes

Choosing to locate our new factory in Milton Keynes wasn’t a tough decision. With over 10,000 businesses (including many leading tech companies) and around 7.5 million people within an hours’ drive, there’s a fantastic pool of resource to help us expand as a ‘home soil’ manufacturer. In addition, our new factory is ideally located for distribution of our bikes throughout the UK, and is local to a number of large bicycle component distributors simplifying our production parts sourcing.

Volt factory

Volt Electric Bike Factory

At approximately 20,000 square feet, the new factory has the capacity to build up to 25,000 e-bikes per year and create 30 new jobs in the local area. The Milton Keynes location was selected due to its strong transportation links and position as a growing innovation hub.

Volt factory

Does the New Factory Change Anything to Volt’s Existing Services?

We are very proud to fully-commit Volt to the UK and excited to be part of British manufacturing’s resurgence. It has been a fantastic achievement to get the space up and running despite the added burden placed on our teams during the current COVID-19 restrictions. They have faced-up to the daunting challenge of adapting facilities and processes to ensure that we keep our people and customers safe, whilst realising our dream of delivering a cutting-edge e-bike factory. We are immensely proud, and it is testament to the superb team we have here at Volt.

In addition to an increased production capacity, the investment will enable Volt to have localised control of production, allowing them to operate more fluidly across the manufacturing cycle. With a proven track record in producing multi award-winning e-bikes, this move solidifies Volt’s position as a leading UK e-bike brand and innovator in the electric transport field.

Press & Media Appearances

Use the slider to check out some media highlights from the launch of our Milton Keynes factory. As a UK brand, Volt has always enjoyed good media coverage of our e-bikes. You can also see wider media coverage of us and our products in the Press and Video sections of our site.



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