From the 29th of August 2023, the ULEZ zone will expand further to include all of Greater London, with no exceptions. This means that you'll be charged no matter where you go if you're driving a vehicle that isn't compliant. So now is the perfect time to get yourself or your business an electric bicycle and avoid the charge, improve your fitness and reduce your carbon footprint. The charge is £12.50 per day on top of the congestion charge which is currently £15 per day. Together the charges amount to over £10,000 per annum per vehicle (if used every day of the year) - that enough to pay for 5x ebikes!

Exclusive Ebike Offers and More with New London Scrappage Scheme

From the 30th of January 2023 eligible London residents and certain organisations will be allowed to apply for grants of up to £7000 to scrap or retrofit their non-compliant vehicle.

The scheme is means-tested and only eligible applicants with vehicles that don't meet the ULEZ standards will be successful in their grant application.

To find out more about the support on offer through the ULEZ scheme please visit TFL's sustainable travel partners page.

Who Can Apply?

There are two main Scrappage schemes, one for cars and motorcycles and another for Vans and Minibuses…

ULEZ Car & Motorcycle Scrappage Scheme

This scheme offers eligible applicants up to £2000 for scrapping a non-compliant car, up to £1000 for a motorcycle and a grant of up to £5000 to scrap or retrofit wheelchair accessible vehicle. This scheme is only open to residents in one of the thirty-two London boroughs and matches the specified criteria. Visit the TFL Scrappage Scheme page to see if you're eligible.

ULEZ Van & Minibus Scrappage Scheme

This scheme offers eligible applicants a grant of up to £5000 for scrapping a non-compliant van or up to £7000 for a minibus.

This scrappage scheme will only be open to micro businesses, sole traders and charities that meet a set criteria set on the TFL Scrappage Scheme page here.

Cargo Pannier
Cargo Pannier

Volt's E-bike Offer to Successful ULEZ Scrappage Scheme Applicants

We've got some fantastic exclusive offers for those eligible participants who successfully complete the ULEZ Scrappage Scheme application. Successful applicants will be able to choose between…


Not On the List? We've Got a Great Offer for you Too…

At VOLT we don't like seeing anyone feeling left out, that's why we've created a general offer for anyone who isn’t eligible for the new ULEZ scrappage scheme. You can still enjoy a £50 discount and a free chain lock off any Volt Electric Bike.

To claim your VOLT ebike offer please complete the form below…

Register Your Interest

Eligible participants can choose between:

ULEZ Non-Eligible Offer:

To apply for this offer you will need to upload your TFL Certificate
(Once you've successfully applied through the TFL Scrappage scheme, you will be sent a certificate)



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